A special thank you.

by Christopher Suarez July 23, 2016

A special thank you.

It takes a village to start a business. Just wanted to give a quick thanks to everybody who made this happen including Harneet Kalra who is about to rip my head off and call it a day lol. I have a short temper when it comes to business. It's because I want everything to be perfect AT ALL TIMES, in which is not possible. That's the life it seems. Any who...

Hopefully, this won't take long since its 2:30 in the morning and we launch everything tomorrow afternoon, still got website work to do (Shoutout to Kenneth Suarez for making this happen). If all the website info isn't up by tomorrow it's my fault completely! It will surely get finished in the next few days (hopefully).

Man oh man, where do I start. Thanks first and foremost to family for the continuous support whether it's kind words (or not)...haha well we'll call it motivation per se. I'm getting off the subject. Anyways, thank you so much for checking out our product, recommending your friends, sharing, etc. A big thanks to all the friends that helped out in the way, just merely being there for support means a lot!

To all the people who helped with the truck and brand such as Aliyah Lustine, Will Nelson, and Lauren Wingfield. You helped make this into a reality. Without the photography, design, and helping out with the buying process we would't be where we are today. A thank you to Frank Sanske who was our friendly neighborhood contractor who read off our design briefs and re-worked it so that it can become a reality. Mickael Broth for his artwork, man oh man did he deliver! He's got some special skills and whoever doesn't see that is...well a sad person.

All in all we just wanted to create a special brand and product to the people out there. This product wouldn't be out there today without Harneet Kalra. She is the end all be all of our brand. I can market and sell everything under our business, but without her fashion 'sense' and styling skills we're nobody. You may not see it at first since we're trying to cater from the conservative to the more stylish, but we're here for the long run. Wait until she starts designing her own clothes! You'll be in for a treat! This is merely a stepping stone towards that goal.

Anybody reading this will see that your not only buying from Textures, but you're buying from our whole family and friends. Thanks everyone!



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Christopher Suarez
Christopher Suarez


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